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Guatemala: Hidden Treasure

Guatemala is a country steeped in history, culture and mythology. Its landscapes are beautiful and varied – from mountainous areas, punctuated by volcanoes to the green, luscious jungle lowlands. It is a country which is still saddened by its recent past – a 30 year civil war and genocide in the second half of the twentieth century; but the people also find reasons to be truly joyful, kind and welcoming to the many tourists which go there. Continue reading


Guatemala and Belize: The Homestay Experience

Volcan Agua towers over Antigua, Guatemala

Volcan Agua towers over Antigua, Guatemala

Home-stays are often touted as the best way to learn a new language through ‘total immersion’ or a good way to really experience local culture and ‘real life’ of the country you’re in. But what is is really like? Continue reading