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A Long Weekend in Florence

Florence is small enough to explore the centre on foot and well worth doing so. It’s pleasant renaissance buildings and streets are steeped in history and it’s difficult not to stumble over a museum, famous artwork or building attributed to the Medici family. Here are some things not to miss during your time there. Continue reading


Italy: A Walk through Ancient Rome

It’s first thing in the morning and a steady drizzle has settled in over Rome. This is the first on my list of things I want to see. Brought up on the ruins that the Romans left behind in the Scottish borders I think I might have an understanding of what I’m looking at. I would be wrong! Initially the Roman Forum which I have come to see looks like a jumble of columns and rocks which make no sense. Continue reading

Italy: The Sistine Chapel and the Vatican

Egyptian Sacophagos

There is a large variety of artwork.

Standing in line for the Vatican isn’t on my list of fun things to do on a weekend in Rome. It is however one of the ‘must see’ things I’d like to accomplish in Rome whilst I’m here. The tall, dark foreboding walls around which we are queueing look more like a local prison than the centre of Western Christianity but I assume that they are a hangover from a previous time. The queue shuffles slowly forward. Continue reading