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UK: Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland

Dunstanburgh Castle was built in the 1300’s by Earl Thomas of Lancaster, initially, it’s thought as a resistance to the King. Later it was taken over and used as a strong hold against the Scots. It was also a focus of action during the Wars of the Roses. Continue reading


UK: Holy Island of Lindisfarne

The strand of cars winding their way down a narrow country lane suggests that we have the correct time. The smell of the sea is in the air as we drive past the cottages sporadically lining the road from the A1 to the coast. We are en route to Lindisfarne where you time your arrival to the tide. As we reach the coast the fields stop but the road continues, out over the mud flats and on. Visible to us is a thin stretch of land up ahead and the wooden poles, still slightly submerged which mark the walking route to the island. At intervals there are refuge boxes, still in use in high season, which provide shelter for those caught out by rapidly approaching water. Over on the right hand side it’s possible to see Bamburgh Castle, majestically sitting on the coast, King of the sea and all else it surveys. Continue reading