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Guatemala: The Jungle City of Tikal

It’s early and the taxi driver is looking for the place he needs to drop me off. It’s still dark and we appear to be amongst the hangers at the airport. I wonder if he has the wrong address and we are hopelessly lost. He asks me to wait in the car and goes in through a small door to speak to someone. On his return he declares we are in the right place. I thank him and tip and dubiously enter the same door. There is a small waiting room and a desk where I present my documents for inspection and I’m then told to wait. Over the course of the next half hour a few other tourists arrive and I feel more at ease. It also begins to get light and this reveals that we are indeed at the airport and there are a number of light aircraft on the tarmac outside. Continue reading


London: Surviving the Big Smoke

London is fast, busy and full of impatient people. It’s also a fun, exciting and vibrant city. I should know – I live there. Here’s a few practical pointers to get you started: Continue reading

The Value Added Holiday

Voluntourism, it’s become a buzz word in the travel industry but what is it, how does it work and how do you choose a worthwhile project?

Voluntourism is a holiday where you go out as a volunteer, usually but not always to a developing country and volunteer. Sometimes it’s just volunteering your time, sometimes you have specific skills that you take to a project and sometimes the project will train you in some basic skills to undertake the tasks that are needed. Either way, is it a good use of your time and money or is it just a ‘feel-good’ holiday where you leave feeling like you’ve done some good, but where the efforts you have put in will crumble just as quickly once you leave. How do you ensure that isn’t the case? Continue reading